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About Us

Throughout our community, we at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hills, are known as the church with the “Big Heart” - the church where all are welcome.


Like the tapestry of a quilt, we are woven together. We have different talents and interests. We laugh and cry together. We celebrate and mourn together. We break bread together. We share our talents with the church and the community.


We are a family with members from all ages, incomes, and walks of life. We are married, divorced, single, and widowed. We welcome all races (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), nationalities, sexual orientations, and gender identities (LGBTQIA+). Most importantly, we pray together, we walk in faith together, and we worship together.

Come as you are, for each unique body makes our quilt more vibrant. We will cover you in Christ’s threads of love. There is always room at our table.

We belong to the Southwestern PA Synod

of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

We are a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation.

We joined Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM) in January 2024.

A red, blue, green, and yellow globe brandmark next to the text "Evangelical Lutheran Church in America"
Reconciling Works. Lutherans for full participation.
Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
A white silhouette of the Pittsburgh city skyline with a black cross in front and the acronym PLUM in large letters above the buildings

Our Pastors

As a part of PLUM 

we have a series of 

rotating pastors.

Click on the link below 

learn more about them!

Reverend Brenda Henry, Reverend Sue Devine, Bishop Kurt Kusserow, Reverend Paul Koch, and Reverend John Gropp stand smiling for a photograph. All are adorned with white robes and red vestments.

From left to right: Rev. Brenda Henry, Rev. Sue Devine, Bishop Kurt Kusserow,

Rev. Paul Koch, and Rev. John Gropp  

Rev. John J. Gropp: 412-680-7867,

Rev. Brenda Henry: 412-390-8005,

Rev. Sue Devine: 412-496-4889,

POP Office


Susan McBee

Administrative Assistant

Lori Snyder


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